Accelerated globalisation has led to an exponential increase in multimodal transport & its related complexities. On top of these are required coordinating functions like customs clearances, trucking...which are still unreliably managed using email, paper pushing & phone calls. And then their's IoT shaking up the supply chain tech! Cross border logistics is one of the largest sectors up for digital disruption! The problems here are hard to solve & we wanna be the ones who fixed them!


MAnufacturer / TRADER

For businesses shipping to or sourcing from any part of the world we makes global trade hassle free. Right from freight rate shopping to sharing exactly the right information with your freight partners to proactive tracking & more, we work hard to help you save on time, money & distress.


For service providers we help in delivering a superior logistics experience resulting into higher customer satisfaction. We automate a set of people-driven, almost manual & paper based processes leading to ~50% reduction in transactional costs, complete visibility over daily Ops & more