Air Terms

Abbreviation Term Description
Air waybill
Issued by carriers, this essential transport document offers evidence that the intended shipment has been received. This document also serves as a receipt for the transaction’s consignor.
Master Air Waybill
master air waybill has a number assigned by the airline.
House Air Waybill
home bill, initially has no number, but then gets it from a shipping agent. This one is supporting.
International Air Transport Association
This aviation organization provides global standards for security, safety, and sustainability. It maintains a program known as the Operational Safety Audit (OSA), which conducts thorough evaluations to determine the quality of airline control systems and operational management.
Automated Manifest System
Schedule of rates, charges and related transport conditions.
Unit Load Device
A ULD (unit load device) is a device used to move cargo being shipped as airfreight. More specifically, a ULD is used to consolidate cargo in order to assist with the loading process onto an airplane.
ULDs come in two forms: pallets and containers.