Accounting Period Manager Report

Accounting Period manager report helps the finance manager to lock the period once all the transactions are completed to avoid backdated posting of transactions in the previous financial year.

In this report, you can lock a particular month's sales, purchases, and other transactions. This report is permission based. The user who has access to this report will only be able to lock and unlock the period.

Watch the below Video to learn Period Locking.


Learn Step by Step Period Locking:

0:00 How to Navigate the Report

0:05 How to do period locking for all branches when your company is having multiple branches?

0:20 How to lock Sales & Purchases for a Particular month

0:38 How to view the last updated details/ Logs

0:43 How to lock other Transactions (Bank Transaction, Forex Payment, Journal Entry)

0:56 How to lock period for a particular branch

1:04 How to Review the Report by selecting different status