Air Export - Shipment Creation

Learn End-to-End Air Exports Shipment Creation From Order Creation.

Video With Timestamp

00:00 Intro

00:20 How to add Received stock AWB in the system

04:14 How to create Air export Customer Order

04:28 Navigate to Create Customer Order

05:05 Basic Details in Customer Order

06:56 Party Details in Customer Order

07:18 Routing Details in Customer Order

07:46 MAWB section in Customer Order

08:38 Cargo Details in Customer Order

09:05 Nature of Cargo section

10:11 Package Details section

12:01 Service Provided in Customer Order

12:41 Estimated Buy/Sell Rate in Customer Order

12:58 Custom and Compliance Details

13:10 Remark in Customer Order

13:59 Summary Screen of Customer Order

14:41 Workflow of Air Export Customer Order

15:19 How to edit Customer order

15:45 To run Workflow events on Air Export Customer Order

16:00 Actionable items on Job

17:48 Duplicate Air Export Customer Order

18:22 Cancel Customer Order

18:40 Create Shipment from Customer Order

21:10 Shipment Summary Screen

21:57 Run Workflow Event Milestone Actions

22:05 Mark as Booking Confirmed and share notification

22:53 How to Create Draft MAWB Copy in Shipment

23:31 How to Duplicate MAWB from other Shipment

26:00 Preview and PDF of Draft MAWB

26:17 Mark Cargo Picked up

27:56 Mark Carting Order Confirmed

28:15 Mark Carting Done

28:46 Mark MAWB as Handover Set Print

30:46 Mark Cargo handover

31:10 Mark Manifest filed

31:58 Change Airline in Shipment

33:25 Mark Cargo Departed

34:07 All Event Milestones

34:19 How to update event milestones

34:51 See the MAWB timelines

35:15 Mark Shipment as Back to Town