AP Adjustment

Account Payable Adjustment allows you to knock off multiple purchase invoices against multiple bank payments booked toward the supplier.

Let us Understand this by taking an example:

Supplier Name - Doms fabric private Limited; four purchase invoices have been booked and four payment entry has been booked against the supplier.

Supplier Invoice Number Vendor Invoice Amount Total Paid To Vendor Bank Payment Voucher
4690 1,03,015.00



DO9090 1,05,000.00 50,000.00 BP/OFDEL/2303/0003
9098 51,500.00 45,000.00 BP/OFDEL/2303/0002
DO934 12,485.00 87,000.00 BP/OFDEL/2303/0005


Watch the below video to learn How to Settle the above transaction.