AR Adjustment

Account Receivable Adjustment allows you to knock off multiple sales invoices against multiple bank receipts booked against customer.

Let us Understand this by taking an example:

Customer Name - Vipra International Private Limited; four sales invoices have been generated each of the amount Rs- 20,000. TDS Deduction @2%, Payment of Rs 78,644 is received (19961 received against each invoice)

Invoice Number Invoice Amount TDS Deducted Payment Received  Bank Receipt Voucher
OFLOFDEL23020013 20,000.00 339 19,661.00 BR/OFDEL/2302/0002-1
OFLOFDEL23020010 20,000.00 339 19,661.00 BR/OFDEL/2302/0003-1
OFLOFDEL23020011 20,000.00 339 19,661.00 BR/OFDEL/2302/0004-1
OFLOFDEL23020012 20,000.00 339 19,661.00 BR/OFDEL/2302/0005-1


Let us learn how to settle all the above-mentioned invoices against the multiple receipt vouchers booked.