How to use IGM Tracking?

You can now enable Automated IGM tracking in Shipmnts or Manually update IGM details.

Automate IGM Tracking 

If you activate Automated IGM tracking in Consol master job you will not be allowed to activate same on house job and vice-versa. 

  • To activate automated IGM tracking. Once the job is created under the job summary window, you will now see a Manifest tab. Click on 'Enable IGM Tracking' from drop down under the 3 dots below actions.

  • Confirm activation to proceed. You may also deactivate the tracking from same edit option if ever needed. 

  • For first time enablement you might see following pop-up. You will need to ensure the right Document Type is selected from this pop up. 
    • Following are the options that you can choose from under document type. 
      • For Direct and Consol Master Shipment
        • Master (MBL / MAWB)
        • Other (you can add coloader BL # here in case of LCL)

          For Direct and Consol Master Shipment

      • For Back To Back

        • Master (MBL)
        • House (HBL)
        • Other (you can add coloader BL # here in case of LCL)

      • For House Shipments
        • House (HBL)
        • Other (you can add coloader BL # here in case of LCL)

    • Once the IGM tracking is enabled system will automatically fetch and update the details. 

    Manually update IGM details 

      • To update Manifest Filed details manually, click on Milestone status/ activities tower icon.  Go to the option 'Manifest Filed' and fill up the Manifest File number and rest details as seen below. 

      • At this point should you wish to update or edit any details you may do that under Manifest Tab via below highlighted drop down under three dots below action column. 

      💡Note💡: The edit manifest option was earlier under 'Edit' option of over all Shipments, now it will be available under the dedicated Manifest tab


        New Section: IGM Details will also appear in view mode now in all the documents like CAN, DO, etc. They will also be pre-filled if the Manifest number is updated. 





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