Ocean Export - Shipment Creation

Learn End to End Ocean Export Shipment Creation From Order Creation.


Video With Timestamp

00:00 Intro

00:22 Ocean Export Customer Order

01:25 Create Ocean Export Customer Order(FCL)

01:37 Basic Details of Customer Order

04:04 Routing Details of Customer Order

04:43 Main Carriage of Routing

05:18 Pre-Carriage of Routing

05:51 On Carriage of Routing

06:14 Add Cargo Details in Order

06:41 Add Properties in Cargo Details

07:13 Container Details

07:30 Add Container Settings

08:33 Service Section in Customer Order

09:00 Buffer Service based on Stuffing Location

10:05 Send Customer Order Acknowledgement

11:20 Allocation Pending Flow

11:35 Duplicate Customer Order

13:05 Allocating Carrier Booking in Details

15:15 Create Voyage Schedule

17:30 Upload DO Copy in Booking Confirmation

18:30 Share Pick up Reminder to Customer/Transporter

19:11 Extend Validity (Revalidate Booking)

19:45 Add Additional Service

19:49 Send SI Reminder to Customer

20:08 Cancel Customer Order

20:21 Cancel/Delink Booking from Customer Order

20:42 Create Cancel Shipment from Cancel Customer Order

21:44 Create Pickup Order

22:08 Add Container Details

23:18 Job Creation for Customer Order

25:12 Business Booked Through

28:27 Summary Screen of Created Job

29:09 Edit Shipment after Job Creation

30:00 Update Container Milestone

31:03 Sea rate Tracking

31:39 How to Update Container Milestone

31:55 LDB Tracking

33:12 How to Update Container Details after Job Creation

39:05 Handle Custom Clearance Milestones

35:05 Documentation

35:21 How to Create HBL in Job

38:45 HBL status events

35:38 Create Draft HBL

38:55 Draft Approved

40:19 Released HBL

41:15 Unreleased HBL

42:05 Dedicate HBL Workflow

42:56 MBL Workflow

43:11 Create SI/MBL Draft Copy

44:52 SI Field

45:01 Draft Received

45:10 Draft Approved

45:24 Release MBL

47:54 Create Freight Certificate

48:34 Create Sea Cargo Manifest

49:05 Create Sea Freight Manifest

50:09 Mark Container as Loaded and share On Board Confirmation

51:10 Upload Supporting Documents

51:58 Send Pre alert

53:11 Update Routing Details after Job Creation