Purchase Invoice Training

Learn with us How to Book Purchase Invoice in SHIPMNTS

Video with Timestamp

0:00 Intro

0:01 Navigation Purchase Invoice Pending Report

0:17 Purchase Invoice Pending Report Mechanism

3:07 Estimate for the Purchase (Buy Rate)

3:31 Add Supplier against the Charge

5:16 Validation if Buy Rate is higher than Sell Rate

6:44 Purchase Invoice Creation

7:15 Multiple Supplier Selection

7:34 Multiple Supplier In Dropdown

7:40 Purchase Invoice Form

8:53 Hold Invoice and Disputed Invoice

12:12 Tax Withholding Details

13:22 Write Off

13:49 Disable Rounded Total

13:55 Advance Payment Allocation

14:34 Payment Terms (Setting Up Default / Adding Manually)

16:12 Accounting Ledger (Purchase Entry)

16:40 Purchase Voucher in Estimate Section & Accounts

18:50 Outstanding Amount after TDS deduction

19:23 Revise Purchase Invoice

19:44 Get Items from Shipment Estimates

20:40 Bifurcation of the Net total, Taxes, TDS, and Outstanding in the Account section

20:57 Payment Status in Account Section

21:16 Cancel Purchase Invoice

21:46 Transporter Invoice with RCM

22:59 Manually Adding TDS Category

25:31 Debit Note Creation (Full/Partial)

27:24 Purchase Invoice Report