Sales Invoice Training

Learn with Us about Sales Invoice Creation in SHIPMNTS.

Video With Timestamp

00:00 Intro

0:27 Navigate Sales Invoice Pending Report

1:11 Sales Invoice Pending Mechanism

6:27 Shipment Details Screen

6:41 Estimate Section of Shipment ( Buying and selling rate section)

7:23 Multiple Currency wise charge

6:49 Add Charge

7:47 Terms Prepaid/Collect

11:11 Multiple Customer Selection

8:10 Exchange Rate Auto Fetch

8:40 Sell Rate Amount Calculation

10:57 Invoice Creation

11:11 Dropdown Showing Multiple Customer Name for adding charges

12:00 Sales Invoice Creation for Freight Charge

12:09 Sales Invoice Form

12:15 Sales Invoice Type (Tax Invoice, Bill of Supply, Reimbursement Invoice)

12:56 Network Section

14:00 Customer Address selection in case of multiple Address

14:40 Nature Of Transaction

14:50 Sub Nature

15:07 Invoice Date

15:23 Sales Person

15:49 Customer PO Details

15:57 Invoice Level Currency Change

17:21 Item Section

16:52 Set Up Default Billing Currency

17:30 GST Calculation (IGST, CGST/SGST)

18:28 Advance Payment Allocation

19:34 Payment Terms

19:56 Write Off

20:07 Save And Submit the Sales Invoice

21:00 Sales Invoice Print

21:11 Sales Invoice Print with Tax breakup

21:24 Send Sales Invoice to Customer Via Email

21:56 Sell Voucher Number in Estimate & Account Section

23:29 Sales Invoice Creation for other charges

24:45 Disable Rounded Total on Sales Invoice

25:19 Proforma Tax Invoice Creation & Email to Customer

27:12 Get Items From Shipment Estimates

28:31 Revise Invoice

30:08 Margin in Estimate Section