Shipmnts Pulse - 23/3


  • Automated BRS:
    • Duplicate Highlights in Red
    • Reconcile again with multiple iterations
    • Changed indicator "Imported - Cleared Balance"to "Balance as per company books and Imported bank statement balance"
  • CHA Additional Milestones introduced 
  • Outstanding Vs Collection Report: 
    • Aging by default selection will be based on posting date
    • Customer group filter to be added by default
    • In Collection AOD - Shortfall to be renamed as Shortfall of 'date'
    • Overdue checkbox -  Unchecked by default
    • Ageing buckets checkbox -  Unchecked by default
  • Period Closing -  Now each branch can individually post their closing voucher as and when their closing audits are completed. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Submit Button freeze in automated BRS
  • Removal of customs tab post cancellation of order
  • Credit Debit handling in excel download and view of reports