Shipmnts Pulse - 21/04

  • Sales Hub users will now be able to access a dedicated quote workspace for quote management along with quote quick view
  • Additional fields added in Inquiry form (PCR, PCD, business received through)
  • Tracking event milestone will no longer allow future date in actual date
  • Container tab will now allow you to bulk update actions
  • Bank reconciliation will now also have Un reconcile option under actions for error correction 
  • Reposted value column will now be available on stock entry and stock item level.
  • You will now be able to update to Remarks, Commercial Invoice # and Purchase Order # at container level
  • Commercial Invoice #, PO # and Remarks at container level will be visible in container tab of - order and shipment detail screen
  • You will also be able to edit VGM Weight, PO#, Commercial Invoice # and Remarks at container in one click
  • Carrier DO # and DO validity date will now be available as columns in shipment workspaces
  • Carrier Invoice # and Invoice Amount updated at time of Carrier Invoice Received Milestones will now be available as column in all shipment workspaces
  • Manifest Docs Sent, Original Docs Received milestones have been added in the import shipment workflow


  • HBL print will now also include port code
  • Ledger report export copy will also render values now