Uploading Bank Statement & Booking Bank Receipt From Bank Reconciliation Form

Lets us learn How to upload bank statement into the system. After uploading the bank statement. how to book receipts from the bank reconciliation page.

Video With Timestamp

0:00 Upload Bank Statement

0:21 Bank Reconciliation Page

0:54 Check Duplicate Transaction

1:14 Submit Bank Statement

1:26 Reconcile a Statement

2:22 Booking Receipt Entry From Bank Reconciliation Page (Auto Reconcile)

2:45 New Payment / Collection

3:17 Payment Entry Form

3:54 Add Outstanding Invoice

4:27 Auto Calculation Of TDS (If Default TDS Category is set)

5:10 Deduction or Loss Section (write off on payment entry form)

6:03 Save and Submit The Entry

6:16 Accounting Ledger

6:33 Customer Acknowledgement Copy

7:07 Status Of Bank Receipt

7:09 Bank Entry Has been Reconciled