Extension Hub

A suite of APIs and Add-ons to integrate with other systems.
Extensions allow you to access the benefits of best-in-class innovations using Shipmnts ecosystem. It boosts your productivity as per customised requirements.

Ocean Carrier Operations


  • e-Booking
  • e-Shipping-Instructions
  • Receive documents (first draft) from Carrier
  • Receive e-Invoices from Carrier
  • VGM
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Air Carrier Operations


  • e-Booking
  • e-Tracking
  • e-AWB
  • e-Stock Management
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Visibility Data Providers


  • Bots to auto-track standardised milestone and location data
  • Ocean Carrier & Terminal (Container Lifecycle, LDB)
  • Vessel
  • Indian Customs (ICEGate Shipping Bill, Bill of Entry, IGM)
  • Air Carrier
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Shipper Operations


  • Allow enterprise customers to connect their ERP / TMS to allow granular SKU-level visibility through the exchange of purchase orders, product master data, and line-by-line shipment details.
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Agent Collaboration


  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and increase visibility by automating bookings, milestones, documents, and invoices-related data exchange with overseas agents and their internal system.
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Freight Insurance


  • Insurance request to your insurance provider
  • Receive electronic proof of insurance
  • Receive notifications for shipments where insurance as not approved
  • Ocean Shipment Status
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  • Auto Sync Bank Statement
  • Salary Payouts
  • Vendor Payouts
  • Bulk Payouts
  • Smart Collect (Virtual Acc)
  • Payment Gateway & Links
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Forex Remittance
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Accounting & Taxation


  • Form26 AS Reconciliation and Customer Alerts
  • GSTR 2/2A Reconciliation and Vendor Alerts
  • GSTR 1/Sales Register Reconciliation
  • GSTR 3B Filing
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Trade Facilitation 


  • CO2 Emissions Calculator
  • CO2 Emission Offset
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Other Certificates
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Omni-Channel Communication


  • Cloud Call Center
  • Email / Inbox Sync
  • Whatsapp Business API
  • SMS
  • Translation
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Warehouse Operations


  • Send warehouse pick orders
  • Receive goods receipt confirmations
  • Receive inventory statuses
  • Receive shipment notifications
  • Synchronise parts databases
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Shipmnts API & Webhooks


  • 2-way APIs to exchange data with your Shipmnts Platform
  • Booking
  • Shipment
  • Documents
  • Equipment / Containers
  • Invoices
  • Masters / Network
  • Global Master APIs: Ports, Vessels
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