Integrated and Unified platform that seamlessly handles GAAP Compliant multiple branches, currencies, taxation rules and reporting requirements to run all of your back-office operations and financial processes in the cloud.
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Cash & Bank Management
Job wise Profitability Report



  • e-Invoicing
  • Tax Automation (GST, VAT...)
  • Auto Reco of GST Portal and Sales Register
  • Server side signing
  • Bulk printing and dispatch
  • Invoicing Support for: Multi Job,  Non-Job, Rebate & Brokerage
  • Support for Multi-Currency, Company, Branch
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Autonomous Receivable


  • Real Time Credit Visibility and Automated Multi Point Credit Control
  • Automated Tax Deductions
  • Automated Bank Reconciliations
  • Integrations: Bank Integration, Form26AS Reconciliation
  • Automated Collection Reminders and Balance Confirmation Emails- reduce DSO
  • Spot Churning Customer

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Purchase & Payments


  • Single / Multi Job Purchase
  • Airline CSR & Commission Handling
  • Tax Automations (GST, VAT, TDS, RCM...)
  • Cloud Storage of Vendor Invoice Copy
  • Dispute Tracking
  • Reports: MSME Payable, Ageing
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Autonomous Payable


  • AI-Powered Invoice Data Capture
  • Tax Automation (GST, VAT...)
  • Airline CSR
  • Shipping Line Invoices
  • Bulk Upload Purchase Invoice (Prepaid Account)
  • Auto Reco of GST Portal and Purchase Register
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Ledger, Chart of Account, Journals 

  • Multi Company Support 
  • Configurable Ledger, Group of Ledger and Chart of Account
  • Journal Entries 
  • Exchange Rate Revaluation Entries 
  • Depreciation Entries 
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Tax Compliances


  • GST
  • VAT
  • Live with Customers in India, USA, Singapore, Middle East 
  • Integrations 
    • Form26 AS Reconciliation and Customer Alerts
    • GSTR 2/2A Reconciliation and Vendor Alerts
    • GSTR 1/Sales Register Reconciliation
    • GSTR 3B Filing
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Real Time Profitability Analysis


  • Multi Dimension Analysis with User define Drill Down: Job wise, Customer wise, Logistics Product wise, Salesperson Wise, Trade Lane Wise, Carrier Wise, Branch wise and so on
  • Spot exceptions like Job with losses, Jobs with Pending Sales/ Purchase in a Click 
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Super Configurable Report


  • Super easy and familiar interface for Add / Remove Columns, Filters, Sorts, Auto-emailing Reports  
  • Auto Scaling of Servers for Reports which bring more data 
  • 1-Click Export to Excel or Send to Auditors 

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Statutory Reports 


  • EBITDA Statement & Metrics
  • Profit & Loss Statement 
  • Balance Sheet 
  • Multi Dimensional: Period wise, Branch wise
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