Sales Hub

Powerful app to help your sales and pricing teams track their inquiry pipeline,  collaborate faster to win more inquiries and get instant insights on opportunities for growth.

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Inquiry Pipeline 
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Price Management
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Quotation Format

Inquiry & Quotation

  • Inquiry Pipeline 
  • Quick Quotation 
  • Booking Requests 
  • Contextual Communication: Email Trails, Internal Chat, Approval Tracking
  • Lead Management
  • Mobile App
  • CRM Integration 
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  • Pricing Pipeline 
  • Quick Quotation 
  • Historical Rate Search 
  • Spot Rate Search (Q3 2023)
  • Dynamic Pricing Engine (Q3 2023)
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Insights & Super Analytics 

  • Volume / Revenue / Margin Forecast with Target vs Actual Performance
  • Track Win/Loss Conversion, window shopping customers
  • Spot reasons for the loss
  • Inquiry Turn Around Times
  • New / Existing customers / Churning customer report
  • Outstanding Vs Collection, Delayed Collection
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Real time controls and financial management